The Red Army

The Vikings Supporters’ Club was formed early in the 2004 season. The idea came from the realisation during the 2003 Grand Final that Club support was fragmented, with pockets of parents, past and present players and sponsors seated in various areas of the Viking Park arena. The players themselves found it confusing when wanting to thank their supporters, win or lose, on where to go to show their appreciation immediately after the match. And so, the Club’s Social/Supporter Club came into being.

The concept immediately grew in popularity and quickly gained the description; “THE RED ARMY”


From 2010, the Red Army no longer has a membership fee. The Red Army is a place for Vikings supporters to meet and socialise during home games at Viking Park. Ex-players, current players, Club sponsors, parents and all supporters are welcome to gather to show unified support to our rugby teams. Enjoy a beer, soft drink, and fine fare in a pleasant atmosphere.


Its success has surprised many and has attracted quite a few supporters that would not normally venture out of the warm indoors. The rallying point is on the halfway line opposite the main grandstand look for the “Red Army” Sign, which now serves as the Club’s merchandising outlet.


During the year, at home games only, the Red Army enjoy subsidised draught beer and roast pork/beef sandwiches, provided you are wearing Vikings merchandise/attire.

Red Army profit is used to improve its facilities with the balance paid into the Player’s Welfare fund which is administered by the Rugby Club Committee.