Round 14 Review: Gungahlin Eagles

Round 14 Review: Gungahlin Eagles

Round 14 – Match Report – 1st Grade

The Vikings were on the road to play the 2nd placed Gungahlin Eagles on a fine and coolish afternoon at Nicholls Oval and were attempting to keep their unbeaten record for the season intact. In what turned out to be a high scoring and pulsating game of Rugby, the Redmen unfortunately went down in a 1 point nail biter to the Eagles but still remain anchored to the top of the John I Dent competition table with 3 games remaining before the finals.

The men in Red would get the score board ticking with an early strike by boom flanker Baden Godfrey who scooted over untouched after an ill directed kick from the Eagles. JD added the extras for a 7 to 0 scoreline after a minute of play.  The Eagles would hit back for a try to bridge the gap after 10 minutes as the score board attendant would be kept busy for the remainder of the game. After some controlled build up deep in the attacking zone, mercurial half back Seamus Smith would snipe over close to the posts. Again, the opposition would hit back with a try of their own in a game of tit for tat before jumping to the lead around the 32 minute mark with another try to see the score 15 to 14 in favour of the Eagles. They would grab a converted try to head to the sheds with a handy 8 point lead over the Red men.

The 2nd half started with the Eagles grabbing another try to further extend their lead to 27 to 14.  Following some crisp play and passing from the backline, flying Fijian Max Ravouvou would stroll over the line to close the gap to 6 points between the teams. Not to be outdone, the Eagles grabbed a converted try to push the lead out again, with just over 25 minutes remaining. A brilliantly worked line out play saw the Lippy Davis in space down the blind side to sizzle over out wide to see the score 34 to 26 with 20 minutes to go.  It was then the turn of the human wrecking ball, Sila TItiuti to cannon over for a converted try to narrow the gap to just 1 point. With the clock ticking down, the Vikings scored a scintillating coast to coast try that started behind their own goal line as the outside backs combined brilliantly that saw Junior Time-Taotua wrong foot the defense to touch down close to the posts. JD again added the extras to see the Redmen grab the lead for only the 2nd time in the match with a score by 40 to 34 with 5 minutes to play. The Eagles were not done and scored a converted try to take the lead again.  With time up, the Vikings had an opportunity to grab the victory with a long-range penalty attempt that just sailed wide, which would see Gungahlin take the chocolates by 41 to 40 in a thrilling encounter.

Although the first loss of the season by the Redmen was a bitter pill to swallow, Coach Scrivener was pleased with the effort and commitment shown by the team to remain in the contest. Titi Nofoagatatoa collected the Player’s Player award with a fine game at No. 8. After getting through a mountain of work in a typical non-stop performance, flanker Baden Godfrey would collect the 3 points, along with a few stitches for his troubles.  Man-mountain, Sila Titiuti would nab the 2 points after another powerhouse game in the engine room.  The reliable and persistent Seamus Smith grabbed the final point in another polished display at half-back.

It’s off to Phillip District next weekend to face the old nemesis in the Blue Baggers with the Wal Scollen shield up for grabs.  We’ll see you all there…

Player’s Player:  Titi Nofoagatatoa


3 Points: Baden Godfrey

2 Points: Sila Titiuti

1 Point: Seamus Smith

Round 14 – Match Report – 2nd Grade

Twozapalooza trekked north to face the Screaming Eagles at Nicholls oval on a sunny day only marred by 40 km hour winds.

Red played with the 20 point wind in the first half continuously compressing the defence before sending it wide. First try at the 6 minutes mark from a Lineout win to quick ball to an impressive Travis Pula who had his most physical game of the season. He ran 45 metres before being pulled down 3 metres short of the tryline, a series of pick and goes by the piggies dragging in the defence before being sent wide to Dash Palmer for the first of his four almost untouched tries.

Second try 15 minutes in Gungahlin left rue the adage don’t let a ball bounce when the rebound landed in Dash Palmer’s lap to dart in untouched again. An outstanding restart receipt from Cal Smith allowed the ball to be spread to the far side with Goymer-Peak carrying in the train tracks for 30 metres before pass out the back the hand allowing a Goose Stepping “Big” Wilcox to score his first of a pair.

5 minutes later another hard won turnover by Willi “I’m too small to be a backrower” Penitani in the Gungahlin red zone. A hardline run from Pula gave half back Chin a chance to throw a Greganesque inside ball at the ruck to a rampaging Callum Smith powering over for his second of his shortened season. Dash Palmer scores his 4th try at the 33 minute again going nearly untouched before being substituted at half time. If this is what the young speedster does on one leg it makes you wonder at the impact he could have had in the u20s World Cup.

34-0 to the Red Men at Oranges.

The Second half was a continuation of the Red Dominance from the first with outstanding Vikings Defence in their Red Zone leading to a well-executed exit by the Veteran Robbo. Chased by Big Wilcox who’s regather and dot down in the corner untouched gave him his pair. Strength and power through contact from Grayson Te Moana who replaced Palmer allowed red to score their final points of the game in the 51st minute. As the reserves came onto the field a lack of connection, and poor discipline coupled by the loss of set-piece dominance allowed the Screaming Eagles to score 24 unanswered points.

The end of the match marred by an horrific friendly fire head clash sending Player’s Player Travis Pula and Welsh Wunderkind Samson Lawson to the hospital for assessment and stitches. We wish our injured brothers a speedy recovery.


Tries: Dash Palmer (4), Shane Wilcox (2) Callum Smith, Grayson Te Moana

Conversions: Teapot Hargan 1/3, Shane “Big” Wilcox 1/5

Players Player:  Travis “Scarface” Pula


3 Points: Travis Pula

2 Points: Willi Penitani

1 Point: Dash Palmer

Round 14 – Match Report – Colts

Funny old game Rugby, one week a feather duster the next a Rooster. Such it was out at Nicholls last Sat where we got our finals campaign back on track at the expense of the Gungahlin Eaglets 28-19.

That made if 3 from 3 against the Eaglets and pretty sure we won’t be seeing them at finals time. Four tries to three with four conversions and a successful penalty goal waved away by the AR as he ‘didn’t have a clear view of it’??

Very different team to last week with the return from NZ of Josh Hardy, a Dylan Challita cameo and the ever-vocal Peron shifted to No9 as cover for our dwindling halfback stocks. Again, the forwards were dominant!

We have troops coming back soon with Jake Wentzel and Cooper Wright not far off and so we look forward to the Baby Bluebaggers at Phillip District Oval next Saturday. Special shoutout to Samson Lawson who suffered a serious head knock in 2nd Grade. Speedy recovery Samson.


  • 5th minute: Quick ruck ball out the back to Samson for the first of his double, converted by Taffy 7-0
  • 18th minute: Eaglets try, converted  7-7
  • 39th minute: Big Wil Taylor flops over the try line, Taffy converts 14-7
  • 47th minute: Super sub Dylan Challita crashes over, Taffy converts 21-7
  • 49th minute: After ignoring a blatant jackal by Soma Tuilagi the Ref allows play to go on and Eaglets score a dodgy try 21-12
  • 62nd minute: Grayson Te Moana bursts thru some flimsy defence to unselfishly give the ball up to Samson Lawson to score the second of his double, Taffy converts 28-12
  • 69th minute: Some flimsy defence by a few nameless back saw the Eaglets score, converted 28-19

Players Player: Peron Fiamalo


3 Points: Peron Fiamalo

2 Points: Samson Lawson

1 Point: Caleb Sione

Round 14 – Match Report – 3rd Grade

Round 14 and our eleventh game – another 3’s pun-ters review. This being the eleventh game of the season I entered the last 10 punt-ters reviews into a contest.  No pun in ten did win. And here – We are all just prisoners of our own device, this being our third encounter with the Eagles I tried to keep up the pun-tradition – but you can’t polish a third.

Our third-grade took to the nest on a windy day – our normally fast starting 3s were on the back foot with the home team – Where Eagles Dare – liking the try line early.   The first try of the game coming in the 4th minute as our Vikings set up an early attacking raid – Vikings lineout on the Eagles 22, three quick phases to out wide – while an eagle-eyed eagle taking his chance swooping on a last wide pass – intercept – to sore and score from 90 meters out. Eagles 7-0.

Off the restart Vikings looked to play down the Eagles end – a kick return deep into the Eagles red zone was regathered – however a quick chip through was swept up by the Eagles – broken play and a couple of quick passes to centre field saw a pumped-up centre busting through three tackles to score a quick second try at the seventh minute, conversation wide Eagles up 12-0.   Vikings started to look like it could be talon-tentless contest.

With stern words, relayed by the Water-boy, from Coaches Dan and Andrew the Red-men awoke.  Quick ball and one out pods creating a grinding up field march – before the backs were unleashed – only for a high tackle (slap to the chops) resulted in a penalty deep into the Eagles-lair, it was time for the red-men to dare:  A well setup 5-meter line out proving the ignition to Vikings day – our jumpers soring high above the Eagles heads to come to ground with a well set and strong maul – unstoppable.  The conversion attempt thwarted by the strong wind. Eagles 12-5 Vikings.

The next 10 minutes saw both teams grind it out – each finding the measure of the other.  However, it was Vikings to break the deadlock; Our second try coming off a strong tight-head scrum win 45 metres out.  Playing territory, a cross field kick in search of a back was sent errantly by the wind – Eagles quick to gather tried to play out of their own 22 with quick hands however the pass to our own Semisi – calling to the Eagles player for the ball – they obliged. Semisi, as free as a bird – weaving through the Eagles to off load to a lightning fast Maleli swooping to across the line.   Conversion successful 12-12 to see us out to half-time.

Shortly after half-time a refreshed Vikings side looked to take the game back under control.  A dominate scrum under the diligent watchful eye of the referee (promising the props from both sides a beer after the match if they could stay straight and steady, she was true to her word!) – saw us launch from mid-field 30 meters out – Maleli our second receiver running the perfect unders-line to break free – off-loading to our claw-some Dan U to score under the posts.   12-19 Vikings.

Vikings –  keen on the bonus point for 4 tries – ‘took it to the limit one more time’, with a penalty and line-out on the 22-meter setting us up.  Granni jumping and coming down uncontested broke the eagles line, setting us up to break the Eagles hearts.   With 13 phases – unlucky for some but our red-men – across the park the red-men looked to find the line. Success coming after a dummy run by Hawky out wide gave Aedan the chance to flick pass behind his back to a surprised Jack Mann – 2 steps to the side and 2 steps forward to dive over for the 5 pointer. With Tommy Lachlan down receiving treatment, Maleli swooped up the ball for the conversion – strong wind carrying the ball across the face for the goals. 12-24 to Vikings.

However, the Eagles looked to keep in the fight – grinding back into the game looking to shake their tail feathers to apply the heat in the last 15 minutes.  A lapse in our concentration saw a loose pass pecked-up by the eagles – our man Jack over brewing his coffee with a high tackle.  Eagles on a quick-tap saw Vikings bunched on the wrong side of field – quick hands by Eagles, Semisi awake to the danger tried to shut down the attack jamming up fast but the passes made it to his outside – three screaming eagles lined up to score out wide – the flags went up for the conversion but the ref over ruled.  Eagles 17-24 Vikings.

The next 5 mins saw the Eagles riding the thermal vents looking to claw their way to victory – however it wasn’t to be – you can’t fly like an eagle with the wings of a pigeon.  That’s all she wrote for a final score: Vikings victorious 17-24.

Our Vikings men have the heart of the Lions, the eyes of the eagles and the brains of the Owls – and a ban from all animal parks – but not THE ZOO.  Coming up in the last three rounds are the tri-colour teams, Blue-baggers, tighty-whities and the dirty reds.  Sacre-le-bleu three weeks to finals already!

Players-Player:  George “the bald-eagle” Uilelea


3 Points: Matt “talon-ted” Wafer

2 Points : Dan “claw-some” Uilelea

1 Point: Maleli “Swooping” Gagai

Round 14 – ViQueens

In a thrilling clash between two fierce rivals, the Viqueens emerged victorious with an outstanding performance against the Gungahlin Eagles securing a commanding 48-10 win. The match, held at a the nest in Gungahlin. With the demise of a team in the competition, the eagles looked a little different, so the ViQueens were not sure what was about to storm their way.

From the kick-off, the Viqueens asserted their dominance, quickly gaining possession and pushing the Eagles back into their territory. The Viqueens’ offensive strategies were on full display as they penetrated the Eagles’ defense, creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their star players Grace Tai and Vika Ngata  showing their skills and scoring doubles, one weaving past and one bulldozing through to score impressive tries.

The Eagles, however, fought back valiantly, displaying great determination and resilience. Their defense put up a strong front, attempting to halt the Viqueens’ progress, but they found it challenging to contain the relentless Viqueens’ attack.

The Viqueens’ communication on the field was executing individual talent and maintaining possession for extended periods. Their tactical kicking and well-timed passes added another dimension to their game, constantly putting the Eagles on the back foot.

As the first half came to a close, the Viqueens held a substantial lead. Nevertheless, the Eagles refused to back down and started the second half with newfound energy, pushing forward with great intent. Their persistence paid off as they managed to breach the Viqueens’ defense and scored a well-deserved try, lifting the spirits of the homeside.

However, the Viqueens were relentless in their pursuit of victory. Their forwards dominated the set-pieces, providing a stable platform for the backs to capitalize on. With excellent teamwork and individual brilliance, the Viqueens continued to add to their tally, scoring tries from Gabby Peterson and converting nearly all their kicks.

Yet the eagles struggled to match the sheer force and skill displayed by the Viqueens throughout the game.

As the final whistle blew, the Viqueens were crowned triumphant with an impressive 48-10 victory over the Gungahlin Eagles. The players and fans erupted in jubilation, celebrating the hard-fought win.

This enthralling encounter will undoubtedly leave both teams with valuable lessons to carry forward in their campaign for a place in the finals.