Committee Member – Peta Leddy


Hometown: South West Rocks, NSW

Age: 27…or 28. I don’t really remember.

Rugby Position: Scrumhalf.

Games Played for the Vikings: 19


How many years have you been involved with the Club & the Committee?

5 years with the club as player and Manager, first year at giving the committee a crack.


What made you nominate for the Committee?

Wanting to be able to put my hand up instead of out, it was an honour to represent the club as a player and Manager, now wanting to contribute to some of the behind the scenes efforts.


What is it that you love about being a Viking?

Vikings is a family unit, being part of a club that shares the same interest and values makes for long time friendships and memories.


What is your favourite memory as a Viking?

That one time the ViQueens won the Grand Final.


Who is your favourite New Zealand born Flyhalf to ever play for the Club?

Well obviously, James Proctor.