President’s Update – COVID 2021

President’s Update – COVID 2021

Dear Vikings Rugby Family

I hope that in this tough time, you are all staying safe and remaining hopeful.

What can I tell you about our 2021 Rugby season?

  • This period of lockdown/stay-at-home orders (for the ACT) will be reviewed daily but is due to end on Thursday 2nd September
  • All of our regular rugby activities (meeting, training, gym, playing, social events etc) are postponed and there is no access to Viking Park including the fields, gym, office, sheds etc
  • If you require assistance with exercise or the training that you should be undertaking individually at home (or with another person as per Health Directives) then please reach out to Lee Boswell through the normal means (WhatsApp, Phone, Email, Facebook) and Boz will assist you with a program
  • The ACT&SNSW Rugby (Brumbies) are meeting regularly with ACT Health and ACT Sport & Recreation (as well as with other major winter sports) to try and understand the likelihood of any phased reintroduction of winter sport in line with any potential easing of restrictions from 2 September. Included in this is; if there is flexibility in the ACT winter and summer schedules to encroach a JID Finals Series during the month of September. It is our great hope that a finals series will go ahead throughout September but decisions are a ultimately a fair way off (and obviously dependant on lockdown compliance) – as soon as we know anything, we will share with you all via social channels
  • For more information on the COVID lockdown, please go to
  • If you are struggling or stressed at this time, please use our excellent club resources/mechanisms and reach out to someone at the club, your team coach or manager, one of the staff or committee and/or access the resources below:
    • Lifeline
    • Menslink
    • Beyond Blue
  • And finally, my COVID funny of the day – “We have run out of toilet paper and so started using lettuce leaves; today was just the tip of the iceberg, tomorrow romaines to be seen” (boom tish)

Stay safe and support local for your groceries and takeaway


Brendan ‘Trendy’ Allardyce