Vikings Rugby Exclusive Merchandise Sale!

Vikings Rugby Exclusive Merchandise Sale!

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of the merchandise available below is exclusive to this online sale. Many of the items won’t be available for purchase at Viking Park during the season, and if so will be limited in quantity. To avoid disappointment, we advise all Vikings fans to purchase their desired items via this online sale.


Thanks to our Platinum sponsor and apparel supplier O’Neill’s Sportswear, ordering Vikings Rugby kit has never been easier. Vikings Rugby are excited to present several exclusive items available for purchase prior to the commencement of the season. We have several items available for purchase – you can buy individual items for the prices below, or you can purchase the entire set of merchandise (limit one style of hoodie) for $240.

Don’t miss out on your chance to grab some exclusive 2019 merch! SALE ENDS MONDAY 25th February 2019

You can purchase your merchandise by CLICKING HERE.


Entire Merch Pack (limit one style of hoodie) – $240.00 click here to purchase.

Outdoor Training Top – Sweatshirt – $47.00 click here to purchase.

Reconciliation Round Training Tee – $33.00 click here to purchase.

Varsity Jacket – $49.50 click here to purchase.

Denver Bag – $36.00 click here to purchase.

Tracksuit Pants – $41.00 click here to purchase.

Red Hoodie – $59.00 click here to purchase.

Grey Hoodie – $59.00 click here to purchase.