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Season Award Winners


*All photos by Michael Daniel Photography


Friday night saw Vikings Rugby hold their 2016 Presentation Night at Erindale Vikings Auditorium. This is a night of celebration for the hard work and dedication the players, support staff, and volunteers have given throughout the year. Team and club awards are distributed to the deserving recipients.

First up for the night was the 2016 Grand Final highlight video, you can watch it here.


MDP-Vikings-27-A38I1803 MDP-Vikings-30-A38I1813

The U18’s Black and Gold team’s were both honoured with their team awards.

U18 Black

Players’ Player:    Eironosi Kirimasi

Coaches Award:   Jake Eggleston

Best & Fairest:      Angus Ricketts

U18 Gold

Players’ Player:   Lachlan Lonergan

Coaches Award:  Izaak Cornelius & Isaiah Tikitau

Best & Fairest:     Francis Soakai-Tai




Players’ Player:    Kim Wilson

Coaches Award:   Violeta Tupoula

Best & Fairest:      Kate Brown

Team Highlights


1st Division 2nd Grade

Players’ Player:    Colin Montgomery

Coaches Award:   Ethan Brazel

Best & Fairest:      Cameron Shaw

Team Highlights



1st Division 2nd Grade

Players’ Player:    Lee Boswell

Coaches Award:   Nathan King

Best & Fairest:      Andrew Talaina



Premier Colts

Players’ Player:    Eddie Jones

Coaches Award:   Rhys Griffiths

Best & Fairest:      Sam Thomas

Team Highlights



Premier 2nd Grade

Players’ Player:    Travis Pula

Coaches Award:   Tim Spry

Best & Fairest:      Sam Giltrap

Team Highlights



Premier 1st Grade

Players’ Player:    Ben Hyne

Coaches Award:   Andrew Robinson

Best & Fairest:      Dean Oakman-Hunt

Team Highlights


MDP-Vikings-124-A38I1992 MDP-Vikings-126-A38I1996

National Representatives

Australian School Boys:  Lachlan Lonergan, Francis Soakai-Tai, Ryan Lonergan

Australian Wallaroos:       Violeta Tupoula

Australian U20s:              Tyrel Lomax, Jordan Jackson-Hope

ACT Brumbies:                Ben Hyne, Jordan Jackson-Hope



Highest Point Scorer and Highest Try Scorer

Andrew Dickson

327 Points

29 Tries



Forward Encouragement Award

Joey Vejvoda

Back Encouragement Award

Travis Pula


MDP-Vikings-139-A38I2026 MDP-Vikings-149-A38I2041 MDP-Vikings-157-A38I2055

Rookie of the Year

Darcy Swain

Mark Wentworth Memorial Award

Sam Barlow

Chisholm Sports Club Award

Stefanie Stewart-Jones



Player Clubman of the Year

Michael Henry



Clubman of the Year

Liam Warcaba


MDP-Vikings-202-A38I2159 MDP-Vikings-209-A38I2168-Edit MDP-Vikings-212-A38I2171

Player of the Year

Andrew Robinson


It was a great night, with fun had by all! Check out the photo album of the night.