Treasurer – Ryan Slater

Hometown: Canberra, ACT

Age: 34

Rugby Position: Prop

Games Played for the Vikings: 191


How many years have you been involved with the Club & the Committee?

I joined the Club in 2004 and have been part of the Committee since 2013.


What made you nominate for the Committee?

To give something back to the Club and there are not a lot of people who put their hand up for treasurer.


What is it that you love about being a Viking?

The lifelong friendships formed and the great Club culture.


What is your favourite memory as a Viking?

After playing Rugby for 15 years winning a grand final in 2010 with some good mates was something special.


You’ve been on international Rugby tours, bus trips to Young and spent a fair bit of time with Andrew Dickson and Grant Lukins down in the Zoo. What’s the funniest story you have from your off-field escapades?

A good tourist will never tell (Mainly because I am sure they would have some stories on me!). Although I do have some stories from America and Cobar I could divulge, but you will have to come and ask me about those.