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The Macdougall Medal

Doanted by the Western Districts Club in 1981, to honour the contribution of Stuart MacDougall to ACT Rugby Union, the MacDougall Medal is awarded to the outstanding player in 1st Grade during the competition rounds, according to votes by the referees.

Year Recipient Club
2016 Ben Hyne Vikings
O.J Noa Queanbeyan
Ryan Jones Queanbeyan
2015 Tom Staniforth Royals
2014 Rutikha Ilolahia Gungahlin
2013 Tim Cree Vikings
2012 Pat Leafa Vikings
2011 Sokai Tai Royals
2010 Jesse Parahi Vikings
2009 Beau Mokotupu Vikings
2008 Sokai Tai Royals
2007 Jack Vanderglass Easts
2006 Ryan Carmichael Wests
2005 Craig Robberds Wests
2004 Jamie Andrews Royals
2003 Craig Robberds Wests
2002 Eddie Langi Easts
2001 Craig Robberds Wests
2000 Damien Hill Wests
1999 Dave Hogden Universities (now Uni-Norths)
1998 Clayton Brown Royals
1997 Robert Todd Vikings
1996 Geoff Logan Wests
1995 Manuel Edmonds Vikings
1994 Adam Friend Daramalan (now Gungahlin)
1993 Phil Doyle ANU (now Uni-Norths)
1992 Peceli Vocea ANU (now Uni-Norths)
1991 Michael Harrison Easts
1990 Ian Alker Norths (now Uni-Norths)
1989 Mark McInnes Easts
1988 Peter Bradley ANU (now Uni-Norths)
1987 Meli Wasea Vikings
1986 Phil Doyle Norths (now Uni-Norths)
1985 Bob Brown RMC
1984 Peter Bradley ANU (now Uni-Norths)
1983 Haig Elgar RMC
1982 Ian Vest Norths (now Uni-Norths)
1981 Ray Watson Queanbeyan