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Representatives and Super Rugby Players

This page contains a list of those Vikings players who have earned higher representative honours at either State, Super Rugby or National level.

While some of the players mentioned here earned some of their representative honours either before or after they played for the Tuggeranong Vikings, they are shown to commemorate their achievements, wherever earned.

Also listed are those Tuggeranong Vikings players who have represented other countries by virtue of family heritage or a retained entitlement to play for them.

Player Achievements
Ainuu, Dimitrius Tuggeranong Vikings and Australian U19′s
Apps, Andrew Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, NSW, Australian 7′s & Emerging Wallabies
Austin, Jeremy Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, QLD & Australian Barbarians

Ayers, Nikki

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women’s Representative Team
Battye, Phoenix Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT Senior Rep, Australian U20′s, Western Force &
NSW/QLD Combined Country
Bowden, Ryne Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & ACT U20s
Bowen, Martin Tuggeranong Vikings &ACT
Breedt, Jannie Tuggeranong Vikings & South Africa. A former South African captain and captain of the first Tuggeranong Vikings 1st Grade Premiership winning side in 1994.
Brown, Andy Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s
Brown, Kate Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women
Brownlie, Kai Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Bursey, David Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Bush, Gary Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Butt, Pip Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women
Chisholm, Mark Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies & Australia (Wallaby #792).
Clouston, Gareth Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Conway, Russell Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian U21′s
Cree, Tim Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Crowe, Vaughan Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Culnane, Lee Tuggeranong Vikings & Malta
Cushan, Nick Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20’s
Daly, Fiona Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women
Dowling, Bridget Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women
Edmonds, Huia Tuggeranong Vikings, Waratahs, Stormers, Brumbies & Australia
Edmonds, Manuel Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, Waratahs, Australia A & Australia (Wallaby #748)
Faingaa, Anthony Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Queensland, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s & Australian Barbarians
Faingaa, Colby Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Melbourne Rebels, Australian Schoolboys & Australian U20′s
Faingaa, Saia Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Queensland, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s & Australia
Fainifo, Francis “Frankie” Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies & Australia A
Faulkner, Tetera Tuggeranong Vikings, Australian U19′s & Australian U20′s
Fanning, Darragh  Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Fenukitau, Ipolito Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, & Tonga.
Ferris, Louise Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian Wallaroos
Field, James Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s
Fredricks, Alan Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Fredricks, Graham Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Gillespie, Rob

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Giltrap, Sam

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Giteau, Kristy

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women and the Australian Wallaroos.

Grimmond, David

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, Australian 7′s and Australian Barbarians

Hall, Duncan

Tuggeranong Vikings, NSW, QLD and Australia (Wallaby #610), also 1st Grade Coach of Tuggeranong Vikings

Hargraves, Alex

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens), ACT Women and Australian Wallaroos

Harris, Tyler

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Harrison, Justin “Googy”

 Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Waratahs, Australian U21′s and Australia (Wallaby #770)

Henderson, Nic

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies and Australia (Wallaby #791)

Henjak, Matt

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Western Force & Australia (Wallaby #790)

Henman, Blake

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Henry, Michael

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, & ACT Griffins

Hill, Carly

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens), ACT 7s & ACT Women

Hitchens, Josh

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Hobley, Martin

Tuggeranong Vikings & British Barbarians

Holt, Cameron

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Hutchinson, Tim

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT
Hyne, Ben Tuggeranong Vikings, Brisbane City, Brumbies

Iona, Rodney

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, ACT U20s, Brumbies, & Australian Barbarians

Jackson-Hope, Jordan

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20’s, Australian U20’s, ACT & Brumbies

John, Alastair

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Johnston, Dylan

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s and ACT

Jones, Brendan

 Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Jones, Tyron

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Kaho, Paula

Tuggeranong Vikings & Tonga

Kazias, James

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Kennedy, Jack

Tuggeranong Vikings, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s & Queensland Reds

Knight, Grant

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Lawton, Rob

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, Queensland, Otago Highlanders, Australian U21′s & Australia (Wallaby #668).

Lay, James

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Leafa, Pat

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, Melbourne Rebels

Lealiifano, Christian

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U19′s and Australian U21′s, and Australia (Wallaby #868)

Lomax, Tyrel

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s, Combined States U20s, Australian U20s, Australian Barbarians, ACT, & Melbourne Rising

Louden, Todd

Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian U21′s

Magan, Daryl

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT

Maher, Bec

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Mahony, Sean

Tuggeranong Vikings and Australian U19′s

McCarthy, Shaun

Tuggeranong Vikings and NSW/QLD Combined Country

McInerney, Connal

Tuggeranong Vikings, Australian Schoolboys, ACT U20s, Combined States U20s, & Australian U20s
McGrath, Liam Tuggeranong Vikings, Otago, ACT, & Sydney Stars

Milward, Shellie

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Mokotupu, Beau

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT

Moore, Steve

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT

Murday, Tom

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT

Murray, Nic

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT U20s

Niumata, Jerome

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & ACT 7s

Oakman-Hunt, Dean

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & ACT

Oakman-Hunt, Michael

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & ACT

Palavi, David

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian Schoolboys and Australian U21′s

Parahi, Jesse

Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian 7′s

Perry, Rowan

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s, ACT, Australian U20s, Combined States U20s, NSW Country & Australian Barbarians

Paull, David

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT

Plenty, Ben

Tuggeranong Vikings and Australian U21′s

Powell, Joe

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s, Combined States U20s, Australian U20s, ACT & Brumbies

Pradaud, JP

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Prescott, Hunter

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Qiodravu, Anare “Henry ”

Tuggeranong Vikings & Fiji

Rakic, Jake

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & ACT

Reid, Jack

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20s

Roach, Hugh

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & Australian U20s

Robinson, Andrew

Tuggeranong Vikings,  Australian Schoolboys, ACT U20s, Combined States U20s, Australian U20s, ACT, Sydney Stars & Australian Barbarians

Roff, Joe

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s, Emerging Wallabies & Wallabies (Wallaby #719).

Salvi, Julian

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s & Australia A

Samo, Radike

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Queensland & Australia, (Wallaby #789)

Sanday, John

Tuggeranong Vikings & Fiji

Scrivener, Nick

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & Brumbies

Singh, Amanda

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Smith, Callum

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & Combined States U20s

Sogal, Emily

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Stanford, Tayla

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens), ACT Women, & ACT 7s

Stephenson, Baden

Tuggeranong Vikings and ACT

Stewart-Jones, Stefanie

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Stubbs, Ed

Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian 7′s

Suavai, Ernest

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & NSW Country
Swain, Darcy Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20’s

Swan, James

Tuggeranong Vikings Australian Barbarians & Australian U21′s

Sweeny, Craig

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U21′s & Emerging Wallabies

Taueki, Brendon

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Tate, Simone

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens) & ACT Women

Taula, Sione

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & Tonga A
Thomas, Sam Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20’s

Thompson, Isaac

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT, & Australian Barbarians
Tittor, Issy Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT U20s & Brumbies 7’s

Todd, Robert

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Toumoua, Patrick

Tuggeranong Vikings & Tonga

Turner, James

Tuggeranong Vikings, ACT & Australian 7′s

Uilelea (Snr), George

Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT

Ulugia, John

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U19′s, Australian U21′s & Australia A.

Uoka, Michael

Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian U19′s
Wagner, Angus Tuggeranong Vikings & ACT U20’s

Wasea, Meli

Tuggeranong Vikings & Fiji

Wessels, Emile

Tuggeranong Vikings & Namibia

Wilson, Kim

Tuggeranong Vikings (ViQueens), ACT Women and the Australian Wallaroos

Yakapo, Dan

Tuggeranong Vikings & Australian 7′s

Yapp, John

Tuggeranong Vikings & Wales

Zammit, Dean

Tuggeranong Vikings, Brumbies, Australian U21′s, Australia A & Malta