Training Lovers XV

Training Lovers XV

It’s a competition Bye this weekend! No Vikings Grades will be playing, as each have a well-earned break following a tough 5 game stretch. The Club will return to match play on the 29th of August, when we take on Royals Rugby at Phillip Oval.

During last year’s Bye weekend, we put together a team of those people that absolutely LOVE a Bye weekend (click here to see the team). But not everyone loves the Bye weekend. There are some people at our Club that LOATHE a Bye weekend – Rugby is the one thing they look forward to all week, and routine scheduling of the season takes that away from them at least twice a year. Their saving grace is that, for the most part, they will still get to participate in some form of training and fill their Rugby craving.

So that’s who we have picked for our next team – those people at our Club that love training and, Rugby game on a Saturday or not, will be the first at training and last to leave.




1. Remsey Lemisio (Colts)

Although only new to the Club in 2020, Remsy is already proving to be one of the most dedicated trainers at the Club. It’s certainly showing on the field – Remsy is a man amongst boys in Colts and is dominating the set piece.


2. Willy Mariner (Colts)

You could argue that Willy could give or take training, but given he has played in both the front row and centres this year – and excelled at both – there’s reason to believe that training is only making him a better player. Not since Michael ‘Chic’ Henry have we seen a hooker with the ability to play flyhalf…could this be the passing of the mantle?


3. Jerry Yanuyanutawa (1st Grade Assistant Coach)

After a brief hiatus from the Club where he took 2nd Grade to a GF in 2017, Jerry has returned as the 1st Grade Forwards coach. Given that Jerry calls the Rugby Office at least once a day to talk selections, tactics and froth over the training drills he wants to run, we can assume that Jerry loves nothing more than running around Viking Park on a Tuesday/Thursday.


4. Ben Pratt (3rd Grade/MRP Head Coach)

This selection really needs no explanation.


5. Cameron Holt (1st Grade)

Holty was welcomed back with open arms in 2020, after plying his trade with Gordon Rugby Club last year. The proclaimed ‘Captain of Extras’ started doing additional tackle bag work after training with Pratty, but that has now grown into extras for a cast of thousands. Also one of few people who scrape the universal ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ training rule.


6. Lee Boswell (Pathways Development and Athletic Performance Manager/Serial Pest)

Rugby runs through this man’s veins, so that’s one reason we’ve selected Bozzy for this team. Mostly, it’s because he’s completely lost without training – he confuses what day of the week it is constantly, has feverishly written training plans for the next year and a half and at one point was seen running his 3 year old son through a 1.2km time trial.


7. Emily ‘Seabomb’ Sogal (ViQueens)

Seabomb is a lover of training not for what occurs during training, but for what comes after it – a nice cold one at Erindale Vikings. Some extra time at training wouldn’t hurt, though – her goal kicking success rate has been questionable the past three years.


8. Richard Joyes (2nd Grade)

2nd Grade Hall of Famer Richard Joyes once said, and I quote “Man, I just love training. I absolutely cannot wait to run the Bronco test tonight”. An absolutely sadistic love for training gives Joyesy the nod in the starting side for this team.


9. Kate Wafer (Head Physio)

There really is no obligation for Kate to show up on a cold, wet, Thursday night on a Bye weekend and treat our damaged and broken bodies. But her dedication to the welfare of our players is second to none, and we’re super lucky to have someone of her calibre treating the players. But, really. It’s a cold, wet, Thursday night on a Bye weekend. Kate’s love for training is bewildering.


10. Christian Lealiifano (Colts Assistant Coach/Colts Waterboy)

Christian has been assisting the Colts backline since the start of the year, due to the Japanese Rugby season being put on hold. For one of the most prolific Brumbies of our time and a capped Wallaby to be running around Viking Park on a Tuesday/Thursday night just for the fun of it, shows a deep passion and love for training.


11. Tupou Lolohea (Colts)

Although he will never reach Noah Lolesio’s training try record for the Club, Tupou knows how to find the tryline. He is often seen scoring tries after training and practicing his now signature try scoring celebration. To be fair, he currently sits a top the try scorer list for the year, with 9 tries.


12. Trai Henderson (2nd Grade)

Daddy Bump is looking fit as a fiddle, despite missing most of the first half of the season due to a hamstring injury. Trai is a regular in the Vikings player gym, and also one of the Club’s strongest backs. This same gym also acts as his personal creche when he runs out onto the field.


13. Gabby Petersen (ViQueens)

It’s hard to avoid training when your Dad is the coach of your team, so Gabby really has no choice, though her spritely ‘hello!’ to all who pass her at training would suggest she absolutely loves being at Viking Park. And all her hard work is paying off – she has been one of the form ViQueens and even had a stint with the Brumbies Super W at the start of the year.


14. Joe Langtry (1st Grade/Club Captain)

Don’t listen to a word this bloke says. Langers loves training as much as anyone, and has even been caught on several occasions reviewing training footage to improve his performance in drills. He counts down the minutes to 6:00pm, when he can deliver a rousing Club Captain speech at GB.


15. Daisy Austin (of ‘David ‘Daisy’ Austin Top Try Scorer Shield’ Fame)

Daisy Austin, for those who had the privilege of training with him, is regarded as the hardest working Viking in history. You would be hard pressed finding someone who loves Rugby and the Vikings as much as David Austin, and for that reason we’ve picked him in the starting side. He even attended the Preseason in 2020 just for extra training.


Coach: Pete Henry (Colts Waterboy)

The calls for Pete Henry to be included in more of our posts has been heard, so he gets the nod as Coach of our Training Lovers XV…despite the fact he was an average at best training participant.


Who would you pick in our Training Lovers XV?