Senior Vikings Attend Vikings Junior Gala Day

Senior Vikings Attend Vikings Junior Gala Day

Over the weekend several of our Senior Club players attended the Vikings Junior Gala Day to assist the teams with coaching throughout the day. The Gala Day is one of the biggest of it’s kind in the ACT and features Junior Rugby teams from all across Canberra. We received some really positive feedback regarding several of our players:

Regarding Joe Langtry:

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation with having one of the senior players help out at Vikings Juniors Gala Day. Joe Langtry, you’re are a true gentleman. Your help and assistance throughout our games was truly awesome – from all of us at the Juniors we thank you.”

Regarding Ben Pratt:

“Just thought I would pass a bit of feedback from Saturday at the Vikings Junior Gala Day. The Vikings Under 8’s were fortunate enough to have Ben come down and assist them with their games at the junior’s Gala Day. I mentioned to Brendan Allardyce (Senior Club President) on Saturday that I was told he did a great job with the Kids and this has since been reinforced.

From all reports he was really engaging, offered plenty of helpful advice and has probably earned himself a little fan club going forward.

So thanks for sending him down and we would love to see him again if his commitments allow.”


Thanks to all the Senior players that took time out of their day to head down to Gowrie and support our Junior Vikings!

Registrations for the Junior Vikings are still open – you can find more info on registering your child by clicking on the attachment below.

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